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The Port Authority of NSW’s survey vessel the MV Port Explorer recently required repairs to its port side door and locking system following damage caused whilst docked.

Halliday Engineering was called upon to repair the door, involving:

  • On-site assessment / detailed quotation supplied of works to be completed
  • Development and implementation of agreed work plan
  • Custom fabrication and machining of recessed door latch
  • Doubling the size of the shut bolt to 25mm stainless steel
  • Development of risk assessment and safe work plan to eliminate the need for welding works on vessel
  • Onsite works to install doubler plate reinforcement in door
  • Full compliance with all Port Authority work permit requirements and procedures
  • Onsite installation of door on vessel

Works were completed on schedule and satisfactorily for all concerned, minimising the vessel’s downtime, and vastly improving the structural strength of the door’s locking mechanism.