Remove old units, fabricate new in stainless steel, paint and install, report and certify custom made flight deck fire extinguisher storage units

As an addition to a broader scope of works for a major client, Halliday Engineering was recently asked to manufacture new fire extinguisher stowage units, using the old rusted units as a template for reverse engineering.

Requiring a short turnaround, this job involved:

  • compliance / access documentation (SWMS, JSEA, WHSE, works permits, inducted staff, ticketed personnel and OQE completion reports)
  • sourcing appropriate materials factoring in seagoing integrity, usage and corrosion control
  • design and drafting
  • fabrication cutting and folding of 316 SS
  • GTAW (TIG ) detailed welding
  • blasting and in-house epoxy spray paint system to Defence specifications
  • coating and finishing-off stowage units in signal red in our spray booth as requested by client
  • final fitting, installation and labelling of units onboard vessel

Works were completed to the satisfaction of Defence OQE requirements for all concerned.

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extinguisher storage fabrication

Rusted template

stainless steel fabrication

New unit fabrication

Newly fabricated fire extinguisher stowage unit