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Supply, fabrication and installation of custom gangway facility 

Halliday Engineering has recently completed a major project at Port Botany’s Bulk Liquids Berth. The terminal operator had identified that visiting vessels required a safer and faster way in which personnel accessed ships in port.

A Dutch firm was engaged to manufacture a hydraulically-actuating, self levelling gangway overseas (built overseas), while Halliday Engineering was contracted to carry out the installation and commissioning of the new gangway/tower structure, including the fabrication of a 4 tonne Tower Mounting Base (the “H-Frame”).

The three phase project required meticulous planning, spanning several months prior to work commencing, whilst the project timing was crucial, necessitating un-breakable dead-lines.  There was no room for error.

Phase 1 – H-Frame Manufacture and Installation

Management and in-house Engineers finalised the plans and produced detailed CAD drawings for our boilermakers to follow, who quickly got to work making the large frame. It was imperative that the frame was manufactured without distortion, as this could potentially create a misalignment with the bolt mounting pattern on the tower.

To control the risk of misalignment, a mounting template was manufactured as a final check of both base and tower prior to installation – a simple task ensuring the project against additional time and money expense.

All welds were conducted by our certified boilermakers in accordance with our Pre-Qualified weld procedures. In-house quality control ensured that welds were tested with Magnetic Particle Inspection throughout the manufacturing process. The H-Frame was then hot dip galvanised, and delivered to site ready for installation.

Phase 1 – H_Frame Drilling Pattern to suit Tower

Phase 1 – H-Frame final welds on assembly

Phase 1 – H-Frame Hot Dip Galvanised and delivered to lay-down area

Phase 2 – Removal of the Existing Fire Tower 

Prior to the installation of the new tower, the existing fire monitor tower needed to be removed. This task involved removing multiple platforms, pipework, and 8 tonne steel tower accompanied with seized hold-down bolts and other weathered fastenings. These works were all conducted at heights, via boomlifts and cranes managed by Halliday Engineering and our experienced rigging crew. The complexities of this task and the requisite safety paramters became heightened when we were faced with ensuring that the critical wharf loading was not exceeded by cranes/semi trailers and the loads that were being moved. Again, meticulous planning by our Engineers, and detailed lift studies ensured no damage was sustained on the existing wharf structure.

Once removed from the wharf, our boilermakers safely cropped the tower into sections, and it was transported from site for recycling.

Phase 2 – Fire Monitor Tower Removal

Phase 2 – Removing Monitor

Phase 2 – Tower removed and ready for transportation

Phase 3 – Installation and Commissioning of New Tower 

The final phase of the project involved assembling the gangway tower. The H-Frame was mounted on the wharf, which involved forming-up and setting the base in non-shrink grout. The tower components were removed from within multiple shipping containers and assembled at ground level prior to being lifted into position. These components included; the main tower segments, access platforms, telescoping walkways, stairs, handrails, hydraulic rams, powerpacks and related componentry.

It was critical that each step in the process was completed in the correct sequence, as one missed step would require rework and subsequent delays to the schedule. To the satisfaction of the client, the tower was assembled in 3 days without error and we were ready to set-to-work with the commissioning process.

Commissioning involved several functional and operational pre-start checks, ensuring all electrical and mechanical control devices were adjusted and functional. All went without issue. Once completed, the site was given a final clean and left as it was found.

The project was completed on time, under budget and without incident.

Phase 3 – Installing new gangway tower

Phase 3 – Gangway Tower Assembly

Phase 3 – Gangway tower completion

For further information on how Halliday Engineering can assist with your steel fabrication or site installation needs please call us on 02 9818 3744 or email info@haleng.com.au


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