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Our services

Key sectors serviced:

  • Building (HVAC) services
  • Marine
  • Infrastructure (water) services

Our Glass Coating service includes:

  • Application of protective glass flake coatings
  • Cleaning & reconditioning of industrial air conditioning
  • Anti-corrosive Glass Coatings for pumps in the water infrastructure industry
  • Planned and on-call maintenance services
  • Complete pump overhauls and supply of pump parts

Our facilities

State of the art facilities include:

  • a fully equipped modern Glass Coating workshop
  • a fully equipped machining workshop including large industrial blaster
  • On-site capability for chillers

Your benefits

Our service promise:

  • vast experience as Glass Coating specialists
  • market leading quality and value
  • ongoing advice and support – for building HVAC winter maintenance schedules

Jobs we specialise in

Air conditioning coolers

Glass coating of end plates

Glass coating of:

  • Condensers
  • Chillers (on-site)
  • End plates/covers
  • Pipe internals and valves

Plant maintenance

Maintenance of small and large scale plants

  • High pressure grit blasting in workshop or on-site
  • Reconditioning of impellers and cooler end covers
  • Custom installations of sacrificial zinc anodes
  • Experience working with building managers and HVAC technicians

Marine and industrial pumps

Pump and internal refurbishment

Overhaul specialists with:

  • Protective glass coating of pipe internals and valves
  • Reclamation of failed pump casings with glass coating
  • Reconditioning (strip & rebuild)


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