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We extend the life of plant materials and assets by blasting and glass coating condensers, chillers, pipes, pumps and valves. The internal lining / external painting of pipework forms a significant part of the work undertaken by Halliday Engineering’s Glass Coating division. Whether reclaiming existing corroded pipework or coating new, we have the experience and facilities to carry out major projects as well as individual pipe spools.

We also undertake the fabrication and installation of coated pipework, giving it a renewed service life well in excess of the original installation.

We provide glass coating of:

  • Condensers
  • Chillers (on-site)
  • End plates / covers
  • Pipe internals and valves
  • Pump casings


  • High pressure grit blasting in our workshop
  • Custom installations of sacrificial zinc anodes
  • Reconditioning of impellers and cooler end covers

The application of protective glass flake coating provides excellent chemical resistance and long term corrosion protection. Low odour, solvent free Epoxy glass flake coatings also have extremely good abrasion and chemical resistance properties.

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Glass coating services

Glass coating of pump casing

Glass coating before

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